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Waiting for labels

February 21, 2014


cut tees for aletheia Junkyard - eco-baby streetwear

I have orders out for woven labels. I’ve been cutting out my Junkyard Tees while I wait.
Cutting these T-shirts is addicting… it feels so non-committal. It feels kind of like doodling in a sketchbook that nobody will see – I’m thinking about what I’m putting together, and it matters, but I’m keeping it experimental and fun. I have so little to lose, except for the $130 I spent on those woven labels, so why not enjoy it?

This attitude will quite possibly get me nowhere, I’m afraid.
Oh well. At least my kids will have some good pieces when these are all sewn up.
Check back soon?

My kids as fashion figures

February 10, 2014


fashion illustration - children
fashion illustration - children

child croquis development

I’m brushing up on my fashion illustration… and realizing that I learned nothing about babies and children in my illustration coursework. My textbooks have nothing, and the web is pretty scant on information, too. I think I’ve decided that a 12 month old is 4 heads, and a 2T is 5. Anyone know a resource for childrenswear illustration?? I’m thinking of turning to kids’ books for answers.

Do you remember…?

February 5, 2014


eco-friendly baby dress

Here’s a relic from the little bird days, my old parent brand name that I wasn’t sold on – one of the few SOFT GOODS garments that didn’t sell. Let me know if you have a home for it! It is a 6 mo size that could also probably fit a 3 month old, and convert to a mini or a tunic for up to 18 mo, if your gal is trim.

SOFT GOODS is a collection of dressy fashions for baby made of recycled/salvaged vintage wovens. Look for more to come, now that Michael is out of his first year. Woo Woo!

Baby’s firsts

February 3, 2014


Michael endured his first photoshoot today. I’m trying to get a few things photographed before they won’t fit anybody.

I’d say he is a natural model, if it weren’t for the one hundred other photos I deleted.

Well, so much for that.

A little baby wear

February 3, 2014


watch out boys

The Junkyard prototype

February 3, 2014


Here’s my test garment for the junkyard line. Looks pretty kickin’, Esther.
Also, I’m looking for a better name if you are out there.

I’m learning a thing or two about children’s fashion photography. It seems like the best photos are accidental. Don’t let a baby pose, you’ll get dreck to work with. Chase a baby around with a camera while he plays and viola, magic.