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What are you doing in there? 2021

April 10, 2022


I know it’s a little late for a year-end recap, but gee whiz! I’ve been busy! So maybe it’s a good sign that I’m late in reporting what went on in 2021 – maybe it means that the 2022 round-up will be a longer and even more diverse list of projects. Here’s a taste of some of the work, changes, and new additions of the last year.

Production work completed in 2021

Cutting Room Work in 2021

  • all of the above, plus:
  • 130 maxi skirts
  • 311 wrinkle-free tanks
  • 497 travel face masks
  • 889 COVID face masks
  • 40 stretch jersey dresses
  • 40 beanie hats
  • 110 adaptive knit jumpsuits

Thrilling Acquisitions

  • A staging table – a dedicated spot to prep bundles after stack cutting
  • 3 additional sewing machines – A brand new Juki MO-6841 overlock with tape guide (inserts elastic or twill tape into the seam; A brand new Juki 8700-7 automatic single needle; a used Brother DB-2 automatic single needle from my friend down the hall. Now we have three sewing pods; imagine all the simultaneous work that can be done.
  • Amazing skill at adjusting and fixing the above machines. One (that’s me!!) learns by necessity.
  • The Whole Space: my dear shop mate retired from upholstery and I discovered myself as the mostly happy single tenant of the entirety of Suite 2.
  • Mini Fridge, Microwave, Broom, Ladder, Trash Can etc, see above.
  • A Pregnancy, actually. Stay tuned for that
  • 100’s of dollars worth of sewing machine feet – some were completely worth it
  • A cutting buddy! I trained a very good person to cut with me in times of need.
  • A family of dress forms, all drummed up used from friends and colleagues. Now available: Dad Bod, “Plus” Gal, and Little Kiddle in addition to the very unreal 36/26/36 Wolf lady form I have used for over a decade.

2021 had coronavirus, riots, summer heat and drought, and rumors of war. There were new clients, changes in the shop and in our family. It was a wild ride and we got through it with some creativity and plenty of mutual aid! Here’s to a bonkers 2022 round up including a long list of super fun and exciting completed projects. Including pregnancy and labor!

p.s. all links to clients’ websites have been provided with written permission from the client.

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