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A Little Invention

November 19, 2020


I would like to share with you a nice invention for the shop. If you can guess what it is before I tell you I’ll give you some fun points that you can spend when Coronavirus goes away – just drop me a line and I can credit your account.

Did you figure it out? It’s a tube turner, but if you want to wear it as an earring you can have fun points for that also. A job we are currently working on in the shop requires a 6″ strip of fabric to be sewn into a tube and then turned so that the seam is inside and the right side of the fabric is out.

Usually turning a sewn piece is easy because there might be a stitched corner into which I can wedge my turning rod. This piece is a tube so there is nothing for the rode to push against, and it’s too narrow for fingers to fit easily inside for turning.

My fancy Tube Turner 2020 pins to the sewn tube and gives us a nice anchor point – we fit the triangular hat piece over the pointed end of the rod and push the tube of fabric down over the hat and rod. As the tube passes over the Tube Turner it slips from inside out (Right Sides Together) to right sides out. And we are ready to move on to the next step.

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