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sewing machine setup in the shop

Aletheia is a small contract sewing shop with a focus on everyday women’s apparel production including sportswear, loungewear, and knits. The machines in the shop determine what can be made and how fast it can be done. They have been chosen for versatility within the specific requirements of casual apparel sewing.

Here’s the line-up:


  • Juki DDL 8500-7 programmable single needle
  • Juki MO-6714S 4-thread overlock
  • Pfaff 138-6 Zig Zag
  • Union Special 52800 BN 3-thread coverstitch, 1/4″ gauge (top and bottom cover)
  • Singer 269W38 bartack, 1/8″-3/4″ widths
  • Singer 261-7 double needle feed-off-the-arm with flat fell attachment
  • Reece S2 automatic buttonhole
  • Chandsew 581 button sew
  • Montgomery Ward #210381 vintage domestic
  • Tacsew T175 portable blindstitch
  • Astrup Co kick press for snaps and rivets


  • TN Textile Model 150 fabric spreading machine, 62″ wide
  • 16 ft, 66″ wide Phillocraft table
  • Consew 818-6 straight knife cloth cutting
  • Eastman 515 5″ round knife
  • Eastman cloth drill
  • Manual cloth notcher


Machine attachments allow a sewing operator to sew quickly with consistent results. There is a growing set of attachments in the shop including:

  • clean finish hem (turn/turn)
  • single turn hem (finish with bottom cover)
  • belt loop
  • binder for woven bias
  • binder for stretch knit (coverstitch)
  • bias facing
  • rounded buttonhole
  • piping
  • gather/pleat
  • ring snap

Contact Abby for specification details. Additional tool costs are split between Aletheia and the designer.

chandler button sew
Industrial Buttonhole machine
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