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Going industrial

January 24, 2015


foam padded canvas totes

polyethylene foam padded inserts                       Down in the bowels of the aletheia workshop, we are most accustomed to dainty work. Volume is normal – once we produced 150 houndstooth bowties in the span of 8 days – but most of our projects fit nicely on the somewhat limited workspaces of an efficient shop (let’s say efficient and not cramped, if only to keep the worker happy). This week, instead of baby Tees or pocket squares, we’ve tackled an unusual order for a kitchens design firm in Colorado: large, padded, partitioned tote bags for cabinet doors. This project has included lots of repetition (there are 20 of bags, each with two partitions) and a bit of sewing from inside the bag. Use your imagination for that.foam padded canvas totes Also in latest news, aletheia design + sewing service now has the ability to TEXT. Welcome to 2001!!

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