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Client Feature: Wild Mill Kids

April 2, 2022


I am raising at least one boy (sex for child #4 yet unknown) and he is boy through and through. He is athletic, energetic, and deeply involved in his play – or art, or reading, or really anything he does besides chores. And he gets messy.

Okay, that was a long time ago. But you see what it does to his clothes. Stains, holes, tears, it’s tough to be a garment for a boy.

Recently I met a lady who is raising two adventuresome boys, and she was looking to support the playful, creative, and curious spirit of the child with a garment that could allow for movement and durability. It’s meant to be the ultimate play pant and I was lucky enough to help her develop and produce its first run.

It’s called the Play Hero pant and it features a soft, organic cotton base fabric that allows for a full range of motion – all the climbing, stooping, leaping included – with durable cordura nylon reinforcements at the knee and seat. A special bonus: the seat pad doubles as a pocket for stashing treasures.

The cordura is rigid but the pants don’t wear stiff: here is the back stretch panel in action our model, my 9 year old son – a sturdy but not particularly big fellow wearing a size 8:

This past winter he lost his snowpants a mere 3 weeks after their purchase new; more classic boy. The Play Hero pant quickly and efficiently replaced them as his all-around outdoor pant. Check out the pant, the story behind Wild Mill Kids and all their other offerings here.

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