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Aletheia Design + Sewing Service is a “low overhead” fashion factory in human scale, located in the heart of the NE Minneapolis arts district. Low overhead means a small, optimized work space, just the right machinery for the job, and a simple, focused scope and process – so that together, we can build fashion brands in a manageable and affordable way.

Aletheia Design + Sewing Service is owned and operated by Abby Hansen, a Minneapolis-based garment technician with over 12 years of experience in industrial apparel design and manufacture.

My resume includes soft goods production management, contract sewing, costume shops including Sesame Street Live, MN Opera, and the Guthrie, and years of high-end alterations and custom sewing. I have experience in complete line development: production pattern making, sample making, grading, marketing and production.

I have a certificate in Apparel Technologies from Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

I graduated from St. Catherine University with a BA in Apparel Design, summa cum laude.

I am an alumna of the Sewing Factory School’s Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp – production and pre-production.


In my factory, I only offer the services that I can do efficiently and well; if I have the proper equipment, skill, and experience, I am happy to help. For everything else, I have referrals, so that the finished product is as good as it can possibly be – and within budget.

When not at work, I spend my time growing vegetables and picking flowers, caring for three hilarious children, ice skating in the winter, and singing in choirs. I like John Steinbeck for fiction, Wendell Berry for essays, and YouTube for sewing machine videos and herb talks.

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