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aletheia design + sewing service is owned and operated by Abby Hansen, a Minneapolis-based garment technician, gardener, mother of 3, wannabe herbalist, singer in the choir, chewer on ideas, busybody.

I launched my career in the garment industry out of a love for creative problem solving and a desire to work with my hands. I’ve taken every chance to improve and expand my skills – I have stitched in costume shops, managed cut-and-sew manufacturing, built collections for sale from the ground up, and done countless alterations over the years. I’ve been through design school, manufacturing bootcamp and ran a soft goods factory. I’ve sewn monkey costumes for my kids. I am crazy about the production process and love to help new designers and local brands figure out how to make their ideas real – and do it beautifully, efficiently, and affordably in the USA.

Throughout my experiences in the field, I have learned not only to enjoy the whims of fashion but also to take a critical eye to the system that supports them: the sometimes sinister global infrastructure that provides cheap clothing to consumers at an ultimately high cost. As long as I sit behind a sewing machine for a living, I will be looking for ways to help reduce the fashion footprint – to keep textiles out of the landfill, provide living-wage jobs for the people who make our clothes, reduce the market’s reliance on worldwide shipping; to help build a cleaner and more transparent fashion industry.  I’m creating garments that are scrupulous and compassionate, yet well-made and super-cool.