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Aletheia Design + Sewing Service is based on a collaborative product development model and is happy to offer these services on an a la carte basis to fit the needs and strengths of your brand:

Launch Audit Consult- $150

Hard copy pattern making / Pattern edit – $45/hr

Fit Audit $45/hr

Samplemaking – $45/hr

Size sets/Duplicate samples – $35/hr

Cut and bundle/Hard copy marker making – $35/hr

Small batch cut and sew (20-200 units) – piece rate

Access to in-house guts, notions, and trim – price per yard or unit

HOW IT WORKS: the development process

Step 0: Be ready

Before we can get started, there a few things that need to be determined:

  • your design(s) – can be a sketch or a ready-made garment to start from
  • your fabric, trims, and other inputs
  • your target customer’s body type and base size (size M or equivalent)

Step 1: Develop a style or twoPattern Making

Once you have a design, fabric, and your sizing strategy, we can create a beginning pattern.

  • hire Aletheia DSS to make your starting pattern. $45/hour – estimate 4-8 hours with a starting garment, 8-18 hours from scratch. Hard copy only.
  • do your own pattern making
  • hire a digital pattern service – use a referral or find your own independent pattern maker to make your starting pattern. This is a good option for highly technical designs or brands with tech packs. Cost varies.

Step 2: Sample, cost, and edit the base size

Sampling is the crucial element to your garment’s success in the real world. We can work together to identify issues in design, pattern, or materials as well as determine the most cost-effective way to produce the style. Plan on 2-3+ rounds of sampling for most garments, minimum 1 – estimate 4-8 hours for a first round sample. $45/hr

Step 3: Market and presales

Aletheia DSS wants your brand to succeed! A great way to know that your money will be well spent is to collect orders before investing in a production run. You can do this yourself or hire a sales rep. Cost varies.

Some brands choose to wait to sell until after production – this is a risky business decision unless you are only planning on producing a small order (20-50 units) and you know your market.

Step 4: Grade approved pattern, test grade

Once our pattern and materials are finalized, it is time to grade the base size up and down to include the entire size range your brand intends to offer. Grading service recommended – Cost varies.

At this point, we highly recommend testing some or all of the sizes in your fabric. Size sets are less expensive than editing samples and they are generally faster to do. $35/hr – estimate 1-2 hrs per unit.

Step 5: Production

If each preceding step has been done properly and carefully, production will the easiest and least expensive part of the process. Please ensure that all inputs and your down payment arrive in the shop before the our start date. Production minimum is 20 units per style per colorway. Maximum is 200 pc. $25-$35/hr per piece rate quote + any shop input costs (interfacing, snaps etc).

The rest is up to you!

Once you have a product to sell, you can decide how to prepare it for retail or ship it to customers.

Knock ’em dead!

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