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At Last

June 23, 2015





It’s finally here!unilook collage


I’ve had lots of conversations about baby pants. People find out that I design childrenswear and, if they want to voice an opinion at all, it’s about the fit and fabrication of kids’ pants. It’s no wonder, too, since a well-fitting pant is the shining achievement of almost any successful design house – it’s the hardest basic garment to achieve a perfect fit since its measurements go up, down, around, through, and over. A carefully designed, well-fitting pant can keep a company in business and provide the technical basis for many more styles with the same signature fit. Patternmaking aside, good pants have special fabric needs too – “bottomweight” fabrics need to have enough strength and structure to withstand stretching, kneeling, running, tripping, and in our case, crawling, while still offering a bit of flexibility and comfort.

Anyway, it’s a finnicky garment to design for function, and then you have to add good looks to the equation; maybe that’s why the Uni-Look Pant took so long to produce. So sorry, if you’ve been waiting.

Recycled cotton leggings for boy or girl

We’ve been dreaming, prototyping, fitting, and tweaking the perfect ecological, uni-sex legging for months, and are happy to reveal a slim pant that not only decreases the amount of waste in the workshop, but also looks pretty sweet on boys and girls. It features a generous fit in the bum to accommodate bulky diapers, a slim (but not tight) line to the ankle, and a knee patch for extra strength and cushion where kids need it the most.

Pair it with an aletheia Junkyard t-shirt for an entirely eco-friendly, street worthy look, or get eclectic and match it with your baby’s best vintage button-up. Find the Uni-Look Pant for sizes 6MO, 12MO, and 2T at our shop for a mere $22.


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