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It Was a Lovely Time

May 22, 2015


sale in the salonAs you may have heard, Aletheia Soft Goods and Aletheia Junkyard hit the market last weekend at the Heart-A-Whirl Arts and Crafts sale last weekend. Many thanks to those who came by – what an honor it was to see you on the most jam-packed day of the year in NE Minneapolis.

If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed: a handmade, reclaimed-material display!! Oh, and some great one-of-a-kind garments for baby.

setup for craft fair

Pop-ups and craft fairs are just as much about meeting people and sharing ideas as they are about sales. Selling clothes in a retail spot saves hours of preparation – not to mention the hours spent at the booth on the day of the sale – but the human element is missing. At the pop-up, we can meet each other, and you can say exactly what you think of our offerings (even if it’s offensive)! Feedback is always the best way to improve what we are doing. So come by next time and speak your mind, we couldn’t be more grateful.

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