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January 28, 2015


It’s a Bow Tie World.

At least once a week, we turn our love and attention to Mill City Fineries, a growing force in the high-standards menswear market. These folks crank out a vast array of limited-run bow ties, neck ties, and pocket squares; essentials for the “modern gentlemen,” made of top quality fabrics and stitched in Minnesota by top quality hands.

cutting out bow ties


Those top quality hands, in this case, are down in the aletheia Workshop. And it’s a pleasure.

Mill City Fineries is in good company; it seems that the local – meticulous – menswear segment is on the rise. If you want proof, visit the Askov Finlayson, Leatherworks MN, or William Rogue stores. Or watch this. Believe it! US made – and even MN made – is becoming a real value, and we are cheering it on.

Check the MCF shop for their forthcoming spring line, and think of us.



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