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Posts tagged ‘workshop’

New Baby!

August 24, 2019


Great news! The machine I’ve been hoping and longing for has finally arrived. No, it’s not a human baby, it’s a foot press for securing snaps without sewing, grommets and rivets without pounding… and as far I can tell, attaching whatever hardware a design may call for.

The last time I needed snaps regularly was with my reclaimed fabric children’s line, in which I used a 3-piece hard plastic assembly to hold my snaps in place while I fumbled for the hammer and whacked the snap (and my thumbs) into place. Now I am set up to use this little baby for ligne 20 ring snaps – once the dies are set up, all I need to do is set the hardware in the dies and step on the pedal. I will use both hands to grip the fabric and there will be no hammering. It takes a fraction of the time. So, less tedium for me and less $$$ for you and your customers. Other fabulous features:

  • machine base is 20″ X 20″ – nice and compact for a low-overhead studio and completely moveable
  • a built-in hardware tray! No searching for studs and sockets
  • fresh coat of paint thanks to its former owner, “Jim”
  • a history: it was an extra from the J.W. Hulme bag factory in St. Paul
  • 1/4 of the price of a new machine. YES

I am planning to give it a spin this week with a set of canvas totes – I can’t wait to see it in action.

Sewing for brides

January 18, 2015


circle veil with silk rosettes

Most experienced sewers will tell you never to work in bridal – not because the sewing is awful, which it sometimes is, but because brides are crazed maniacs. Also, if you forget to wash your hands or prick your finger and bleed, it’s all over.

I’m happy to say that every bride I’ve worked with so far has been a doll. Thanks, ladies, I know how hard it is.

circle veil with silk rosettes

This week I’m sewing rosettes for J. Many years to you and your R!

circle veil with silk rosettes

Waiting for labels

February 21, 2014


cut tees for aletheia Junkyard - eco-baby streetwear

I have orders out for woven labels. I’ve been cutting out my Junkyard Tees while I wait.
Cutting these T-shirts is addicting… it feels so non-committal. It feels kind of like doodling in a sketchbook that nobody will see – I’m thinking about what I’m putting together, and it matters, but I’m keeping it experimental and fun. I have so little to lose, except for the $130 I spent on those woven labels, so why not enjoy it?

This attitude will quite possibly get me nowhere, I’m afraid.
Oh well. At least my kids will have some good pieces when these are all sewn up.
Check back soon?