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Good Days for Grading

February 20, 2015


It’s the dead of winter and there is nothing better to do when it’s 5 below than make larger and smaller sizes out of your master patterns. We start with a size 12 MO, then work down to a 6 MO, then up to a 2T and 3T. On repurposed paper, of course.

.hand graded patterns

Grading is an intimidating endeavor to start, but once you get the hang of the movements it becomes more of a waiting game than an intense challenge. It’s almost an out-of-body experience, as I watch myself finish the job from above, repeating minute adjustments, wondering why it’s taking so long.

Oh well, much better to be slow and sure, because nothing is more important in the development process than fit. A shopper who buys a garment because of great design or great fabric will have to put it on a body sometime. If the garment has a poor fit, it won’t be worn, and then the clothing label loses out on a repeat customer and a good reputation. So, Happy Grading; no pressure or anything.


Waiting for labels

February 21, 2014


cut tees for aletheia Junkyard - eco-baby streetwear

I have orders out for woven labels. I’ve been cutting out my Junkyard Tees while I wait.
Cutting these T-shirts is addicting… it feels so non-committal. It feels kind of like doodling in a sketchbook that nobody will see – I’m thinking about what I’m putting together, and it matters, but I’m keeping it experimental and fun. I have so little to lose, except for the $130 I spent on those woven labels, so why not enjoy it?

This attitude will quite possibly get me nowhere, I’m afraid.
Oh well. At least my kids will have some good pieces when these are all sewn up.
Check back soon?